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II. Ineffability and its Metaphysics: The Unspeakable in Art, Religion, and PhilosophyNew York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016 (Get!)

Click here for a review by Keith Ward in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR); here for a review by Robert Clarke in Culture and Dialoguehere for a review by Guy Bennett-Hunter, featured as “Book of the Month”, in The Expository Timeshere for a review by Sebastian Gäb in Zeitschrift für philosophische Literaturhere for a review by William Franke and Chance Woods in The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory; and here for a review by Sameer Yadav in the Journal of Analytic Theology.

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Outreach – Television, Radio, Podcasts

  1. “Does Math Reveal Reality?” (2020) World Science Festival, New York – Panel discussion with Brian Greene, Max Tegmark, Sheldon Goldstein and David Albert – Watch!
  2. Interview with The Huffington Post (Spain) on Philosophy of Mathematics (2021). – Read!
  3. Podcast “How Maths Changed Philosophy” (2020) Spotify – Philosophy for Our Times Podcast Series (Link)
  4. Interview with Michel Friedman for his show ‘Auf ein Wort’ on the topic of mathematics (2019). Deutsche Welle. – Watch!
  5. ‘Lost in Language’. (2019) Podcast episode for the Institute of Art and Idea’s podcast Philosophy for our Times. Recording of a panel discussion with Saul Kripke, Hilary Lawson, Paul Boghossian, and Silvia Jonas at the HowtheLightGetsIn Festival at Hay-on-Wye. – Listen!
  6. ‘The Mathematics of Thought: How has mathematics changed philosophy?’ Talk given at the HowtheLightGetsIn Festival at Hay-on-Wye in May 2019. Broadcast by!
  7. ‘Are You An Illusion?’. (2019) Podcast episode for the Institute of Art and Idea’s podcast Philosophy for our Times. Recording of a panel discussion with Julian Baggini, Silvia Jonas, Joanna Kavenna, Hilary Lawson, and Jan Westerhoff at the HowtheLightGetsIn Festival at Hay-on-Wye. – Listen!
  8. Radio interview on ‘Learning from mathematics means learning discussion and pluralism’ (in German; 2019). Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR), 7. January 2019.
  9. Interview with the Templeton Foundation on the topic “God, Science, and Ineffable Knowledge” (2017) – Watch!
  10. Podcast of an interview with Carrie Figdor of on “Ineffability and its Metaphysics – The Unspeakable in Art, Religion, and Philosophy” (2016) – Listen!
  11. Book launch and panel discussion of “Ineffability and its Metaphysics – The Unspeakable in Art, Religion, and Philosophy”, with an introduction by Gabriel Motzkin and a comment by Olla Solomyak (Van Leer Institute, 2016) – Watch!